RE: museum night - 01 (basel 2019)

Working Title: DROWNING WORDS. Inspired by the museum night Basel 2019. Documenting the event through my eyes and senses. tracked with original video footage and impressions within and outside of selected venues. artwork captured: Tinguely museum // museum for modern art basel: Sophie Jung - The Bigger Sleep // Hito Steyerl - Hell Yeah We F*ck Die

RE: museum night - 02 (neuchatel / la-chaux-de-fonds 2019)

soon to be released: TAKE YOUR TIME

RE: museum night - 03 (fribourg 2019) part I

soon to be released: INTO YOUR HANDS

RE: museum night - 04 (fribourg 2019) part II

soon to be released: RUNNING OVER DARKNESS.


soon to be released: A series of recordings entitled composures. Soundtracks to un-written stories, un-named films. Working Titles: CRITICAL PASSAGE (0:06 - 3:15 min), and HOPEFUL WAYS (3:29 - 5:33).

A work commissioned by the renowned Korean photographer Koo Bohnchang (2018)

Underlaying Koo Bohnchang's visual video art with abstract musical soundscapes and loops, presented exclusively in selected gallery installations. Intended for future availability in digital spaces.